Audio Cassette Manufacture

Are you looking for professional quality cassettes and cassette cases? Direct Source has a wide range of audio cassettes now in stock and are available in a variety of lengths.

Direct Source offers bulk stock of audio cassettes with a variety of options and services available, including:

  • Cassettes available in black, white, green, blue, red, light yellow, deep yellow, baby pink and clear
  • Variety of playing times to choose from: C0, C90 and C60 cassettes (C means playing time of the cassette. For example, C60 would provide 30 minutes of playing time on each side.)
  • We can provide cassette slip cases and full colour printed J-card inserts for branding and artwork
  • As well as J-Card inserts we can supply full colour printed cassette stickers for additional branding and artwork
  • We can also provide the associated slip-case packaging. Our high quality cassette cases and cassette covers will protect your media
  • We also provide in-house print and cassette duplication services
  • We hold a large amount of stock in our UK facility based in Telford, Shropshire and with all production services carried out in-house, we can offer our customers fast turnaround and competitive pricing. See our full range of cassette tapes and packaging here.

Cassette Tape Production

Tape to tape:
Great for small runs and suitable for low quality audio or voice, however it can induce a large amount of distortion into the audio stream.
Digital loop bin duplication:
This gives the highest possible quality of duplication. Suitable for music and where the best result is needed.  This involves using a master CD to record to a pancake of audio tape.

Side A is recorded in normal direction and side B is recorded backwards onto the tape.
An inaudible cue tone is recorded at the start of each recording.
The programmed pancake is then loaded onto cassette winding equipment and cut, spliced and wound into the shell of the empty cassette.

  • This is all done at high speed, with professional automated equipment.
  • As all of this is done in house and you can visit by appointment to see your job being produced.
  • Constant and spot checks are done throughout the job run to check the quality stays at a high level.
  • You can rest assured you job is in safe hands as our team has more than 20 years’ experience with audio cassette manufacture. See our Cassette manufacturing facilities in action here.

Should you require a CD or DVD to go with your cassette then please ask as we have an extensive manufacturing facility on site for DVDs and CDs, and can all be done under one roof, keeping the carbon footprint of your job low.


In-house production services include:

Cassette Duplication

Direct Source can offer cassette duplication on a digital loop bin with expert digital mastering & professional digital cassette duplication ensures optimum sound quality is achieved.

Full colour J-Card printing

We also offer double sided full colour printed J-Card inserts for cassette tapes. With expertise in printing you can ensure that any inserts printed for your cassette tapes will be of the very highest standard.

Cassette Sticker Printing

As well as J-Card printing we can also offer full colour printing on cassette case stickers.
As we present the entire package when it comes to cassette tapes we can offer consolidation and fulfilment of the above.



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